[Phoenix striked on a thinking pose, sighing.]

(Wait that… that sounds like… bro.)

[Wait, but if this girl was bro’s daughter… That meant…!]


[This girl was basically his daughter! He tried to fix this.]

Uh-huh… When… was the last time you saw him? And what’s your name?

[ trucy watches with slight amusement as the man thinks. she’s taken aback by the questions, and realizes that she doesn’t really know hoe long it’s been ]

Um… I’m not quite sure, but definitely only a little while ago!

[ she smiles warmly ]

My name’s Trucy Wright. What’s yours?


…The hair?


By any chance… is the person you’re talking about wearing red clothing with a dragon and a tiger drawn on it?

(Wasn’t he in jail?)

[ trucy’s brow furrows at the question. dragon? tiger? she didn’t think so, unless her daddy had been hiding something… ]

Um, no, I don’t think so. More like… baggy jumper, amazingly and professionally sown hat… that kinda stuff.

"So... you're like my Daddy, but before he became my Daddy?"
"...Excuse me? Sorry, little girl, but... who are you? Are you looking for your Father?"

Oh, yes, sorry! You just, um, look kinda like him. It’s probably just the hair, though. Sorry again, mister!


//From this day on, I’ll officially roleplay as Apollo Justice inside this blog too! Because Trucypollo and stuff <’3

(yeh buddy)